We are Bruderhertz

  • Who we are:
  • We're three brothers, which have different musical backgrounds, but produce a quite similar style of music.

  • Where does our pseudonym come from:
  • After sitting together and listening to some tracks, we've decided to put together all our tracks and release them under the pseudonym BruderHertz. We sometimes called ourselfs ironically "Bruderherz", which is something like "My dear brother" or literally "Brotherheart" in English. We wanted to include some reference to electronic music, so we decided to write "Bruderherz" like "BruderHertz" influenced by Heinrich Hertz.

  • Who are we in detail:

  • Holger Becker 30 learned playing classical piano at the age of 6, flute at the age of 11 and teached himself classical guitar at the age of 22. He started producing music at the age of about 14 with some trackers. Although you couldn't really listen to these first attemps whithout destroying your eardrum, they teached him the fundamentals of producing electronic music. He currently studies comupter science at the Darmstadt Technical University.

  • Andreas Becker 27 played for a few years trumpet in is childhood. His musical influence are the clubbing scene of Frankfurt a.M.. He currently works in a worldwide process measuring and control company. Through his work as DJ in the range of Fankfurt a.M. he has much knowledge about electronic music. A friend and he build up the company Tonkraft-Audio GbR because of this he has earned much audio techniques know-how. Through various clients, like the discotheque U60311 in Frankfurt a.M. or the monthly "Home Party" made by the ex Stammheim crew (Kassel) in the MTW in Offenbach a.M. and many others, his love to produce electronic music with several hardware has grown up. In his flat in Darmstadt - our so-called Outpost ;) - our little fine "studio" is located.

  • Sascha Becker (Das Butterschnitzel) 18 is the youngest of the Becker clan. He playes classical and electronic guitar since hes 6 years old and uses this knowledge to produce some astonishing beautiful soundscapes. The sounds of Andreas first Djing experiments (the learning phase AT HOME) gave him his first impressions of Techno music (schranz). After some time he aquired the taste of Drum and Bass. With the age of 12 he started to mess around with a software sequencer (the songs were terrible!) but after some time he earned his experience. In the future he would love to work in music production business. So if you have some vacant apprenticeship training positions, please leave us a message.

  • Songs:

    Clear stream by Das Butterschnitzel

    1Anfang by Das Butterschnitzel

    More songs are coming soon


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